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When Customizing, the Sky's the Limit!27 March, 2007
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Founded in 1962 by a pair of brothers, Harlan Cabinets is entering its forty-ninth year with the same excitement and compassion on which it was founded. Focusing on true quality and not a just a shiny box, Harlan Cabinets has distanced herself from rivals to become a name synonymous in the industry with just that: quality. And, at Harlan Cabinets, quality and custom cabinets go hand-in-hand.

            The term “custom cabinets” has come to mean harshly different things in the cabinet business. At Harlan Cabinets it means you can have anything, anyway you wish, with no exceptions. For example, others tout 'custom' as choosing which door style goes with which stain. At Harlan Cabinets, 'Custom' is hand built mantels mounted on tapered range hoods, being accented by crown molding that matches every detail in the door style of your design, all of which is painted, sanded, chalked, distressed, and finished to mirror that antique china cabinet that you love, even its perfectly aged patina. And this level of detail is not reserved only for the kitchen.

            In the past, builders and their clients kept their cabinetry focused in only a couple areas: kitchens and baths. However, the trend today is much more diverse, focusing also, and sometimes more so, on the rest of the home. Hugely popular are areas of entertaining like granite topped wet bars with stained glass doors and wine cellars, all completed by backlit glass display shelves and crown molding fitted to the ceiling. And now master bathrooms are filled with fine furniture pieces that spill out into the bedrooms by way of matching dressers, wardrobes, tables, and even the bed itself, all creating a seamless environment. Living room sets are now made to order from the coffee and end tables, to the fireplace mantels, bookshelves, and televisions that discreetly raise and lower into and out of their surroundings. Most recently, home theaters are the all the rage, implementing floor to ceiling paneled walls topped with crown molding, wet bars and microwaves for popping corn, integrated electronics cabinets, and matching enclosures to conceal projectors. Keep in mind, all of this is done with distinct tastes and styles.

            Custom cabinet design is paramount in today's residences. Every element in, out, and around a home must be accounted for, if you are to create a place that speaks of you and your family. Whatever age you are, you have developed a style all your own. Perhaps this style can be defined by words like colonial, cabin, rustic, contemporary, modern, or minimalist, but likely it is more parts you than anything else. That you have a unique style is a fact, but finding it can be difficult. This is why Harlan Cabinets provides you with practiced designers that can help realize your style and bring it to fruition in the design of your home, all the while avoiding the difficulties and frustrations that can make furnishing your home less than a treat.  

            Your Designer will guide you from the selection of a wood species, which is anything you wish it to be from alder to teak, walnut to maple, even an exotic most have never heard of, all the way to the finest details of whether to use hand chiseled oak leaves or bunches of grapes on a winding vine to accent the space just between the top of tallest door and just below the curving crown mold pressed tightly to the ceiling. And remember, if you change your mind a couple times your designer won't be bothered a bit, because at Harlan Cabinets your dreams and your ideas are their inspiration, not the other way around.

Welcome to Harlan Cabinets. We are a producer of fine custom cabinets.

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