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Kitchen Organization, A MUST!05 May, 2011
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Kitchen Organization Ideas For Home... Kitchen Organization Ideas For Life!



We recently had an incident with mice in our kitchen. In order to clean everything out really well and keep it clean until all of the little pests had been...ahem...taken care of, we had to put the silverware in a sealed Tupperware, cover the plates with towels, and move stuff out of a couple of the cabinets. It was a mess (ah yes, life in the country)! But, it made me appreciate kitchen organization even more.


In light of my little mouse-capade and the disorganization it brought, here are a couple of kitchen organization ideas that struck my fancy this week.


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Plate racks can be absolutely stunning as a display or as a functional piece of cabinetry...or both! It can soften up your kitchen cabinets, make the space feel more open, and add a touch of decoration all at once. Add a plate rack to a hutch, or even to an empty wall in the dining room, so that every day dinnerware is within easy access! Plate racks are one of a few kitchen organization ideas that are both utilitarian and pretty. For other great photos of plate racks and ideas for using them, go here.



  kitchen, organization, ideas 

Another kitchen organization idea that will help you stay ahead of the “green” game is our trendy recycling center that fits right into your cabinets! The recycling center comes with four bins that help your recycling stay organized and within an arm’s reach! It works just like our trash bins and comes with a door panel, so unless it’s left open, no one will even realize it’s a recycling center!


One of my all-time favorite kitchen organization ideas is this built-in spice rack.


  kitchen, organization, ideas   

It has ample storage space for all the spices that you most frequently use in your kitchen and, they’re next to the stove! The spice rack that is shown above is actually added to the columns of the hood in our showroom kitchen!



  kitchen, organization, ideas 

Here are some other kitchen organization ideas:


  kitchen, organization, ideas 

A peg drawer to organize plates, bowls, or whatever else you find! The pegs are removable so you can fit the spaces to your needs.
  kitchen, organization, ideas


Wine boxes are a great way to display your wine bottles, but keep them out of the way, too!


  kitchen, organization, ideas

And finally, a tilt-out sink blank. It looks just a drawer to the observer, but it tilts down allowing you to store extra scrub pads, bottle washers, or even toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathroom!


These are just a couple of the options that Harlan Cabinets offers to help you with your kitchen organization, but there are many, many more to choose from. As always, our cabinets are custom-designed to fit your desires so give us a call and ask to talk to one of our designers. They have the experience to answer your kitchen organization questions.



We've lots and lots of kitchen organization ideas!

Visit our "Idea Gallery" and get inspired by our "Options and Accessories" section.


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Kitchen Organization Ideas For Home... Kitchen Organization Ideas For Life!

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