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Kitchen Corner Cabinetry Options21 January, 2013
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This is Lee at Harlan Cabinets with a quick list of Kitchen Corner Cabinetry Options...
1. The Curve- I loved this blind-corner option the first moment I saw it at a Kitchen and Bath trade show in Chicago a couple of years ago. While it is not going to hold as much as some blind corner alternatives, it still gets my 2 thumbs-up in terms of look and ease of use. 
curve, blind, corner, cabinet 
2. Base Easy Reach- This is a less costly alternative to the above system and it completely maximizes the corner spaces of a kitchen. My wife and I have this in our kitchen and we're thankful for the extra storage it provides.

3. Wall Easy Reach- Basically this is the wall version of the above... This image is actually my kitchen. Again, my wife and I love this particular option. 
upper, corner, cabinet, kitchen 
4. Wall Lazy Susan- This is a very popular and widely used corner cabinet style. Easy to turn and all of our Susans have real wood shelves for added durability and beauty... This particular unit also sports an appliance garage under the shelves section (note the flip-up door at the bottom of the image).  
lazy, susan, corner, kitchen 
5. Base Super Susan- This too is a popular option. While it doesn't quite maximize all the space a base corner unit has to offer it does better than most and adds the spinning "ease of use" feature that many home owners find attractive.
base, corner, super, susan 
There are some other alternatives, but this is a pretty well rounded list of options (all of which are available here at Harlan Cabinets). As with most products in life you get what you pay for- cabinetry quality and design are not exceptions to that rule! Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. Our 50 years experience is here for you to draw from...

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