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Green Cabintery - Environmental Stewardship Program07 July, 2011
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Our environment is is a unique gift. It is wise that we all work to be good stewards of it. Going 'green' is a popular way to protect our environment, but for many it is more than a fad, it is a way of life. There have always been things to do around your home to be more green, like recycling, planting a garden or being conscience of your energy consumption. Now more than ever you can be environmentally aware by buying from sources that are known to have a track record of good stewardship. Till recently there wasn't a wide variety of green items around, but now an ever growing number of companies are making green products more available and more cost effective.

Harlan Cabinets is a proud member of the KCMA's Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). It was created to assist cabinet companies demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and assist buyers easily identify green cabinetry. In order to manufacture ESP certified green cabinetry you must meet the programs requirements. Some companies have chosen to only certify one or two of their brand lines. Every single box that Harlan Cabinets makes is certified as green cabinetry and has components that meet or exceed the ESP's requirements.

Examples of ways in which we keep our green cabinetry certification are as follows:

  • Wood scrap that is not chipped is used for heating our facility in the winter (Did you know that rotting wood emits the same amount of gases as burning wood?)
  • Our sawdust shavings are sold to a farm supply distributor for reuse as animal bedding.
  • We use CARB certified (California Air Resources Board), low-formaldehyde emitting plywoods that are industry staples when building green cabinetry.
  • We have available green cabinetry products like recycled glass counter tops, concrete counter tops, in-cabinet recycling centers, bamboo plywood, etc.
  • We do random checks of our suppliers to ensure environmental compliance is being maintained.
  • We have a comprehensive recycling program in place for all of our cardboard and wood byproducts.
  • We promote the use of recycled materials within our facility (including buying used machinery if possible).
One thing we have discovered in building green cabinetry is to not use "green" goods that fall apart after only a couple of years in use. In trying to exploit the current demand for green cabinetry companies are creating things with plywoods that are made from 100% natural adhesives. This idea is a great one, but it is far from perfected. It is increasingly becoming an issue and when green cabinetry has to be replaced within a few years of production it completely eliminates any positive environmental impact that was intended. At our current level of technology there is a great need for balance and we're confident we have a good sense of where that balance is. We are not here to make a quick dollar and we greatly value good stewardship. Our company is steeped in customer satisfaction and we want to produce green cabinetry that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to build or remodel using green cabinetry? We have what it takes to be your green cabinetry provider Feel free to contact us with your green cabinetry questions...
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Harlan Cabinets: Green Cabinetry- Environmental Stewardship Program

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