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ESP Membership03 December, 2008
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KCMA ESP Leads the Cabinet Industry towards Sustainability

      Harlan Cabinets, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been awarded Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certification. With acceptance into this program, Harlan Cabinets is taking a positive step towards protecting the environment and producing environmentally responsible cabinets. Harlan Cabinets is one of the more than 120 cabinet manufacturers already demonstrating its commitment to the environment by becoming ESP certified.

     The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), the non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting the cabinet industry, launched the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) in 2006. KCMA developed ESP to encourage environmental responsibility within the cabinet industry as well as give cabinet manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. ESP is being embraced by a rapidly growing number of cabinet manufacturers. 

     “When developing ESP, KCMA felt it was important that the program hold the industry to high standards. We wanted to ensure cabinet manufacturers worked toward environmental responsibility starting with growth and harvesting of raw materials all the way through manufacturing of the end product,” says Dick Titus, executive vice president, KCMA. “To be awarded ESP certification, Harlan Cabinets complied with a number of rigorous criteria in categories of air quality, product and process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations.” Manufacturers must meet criteria in each these categories, including:

  • 75% of particleboard, plywood and MDF must be certified to meet the lowest formaldehyde emission standards;


  • 75% of particleboard and MDF used must contain 100% recycled or recovered fiber content;


  • Hardwoods must be certified through an independent and credible forestry program;


  • A documented energy conservation program must be in place;


  • A written Environmental Management System must be available and enforced;


  • A recycling program for process wastes must be in place;


  • All federal, state and local environmental requirements must be observed; and


  • Community involvement and leadership through service or charitable organizations must be part of the company’s culture.


The result of such a rigorous program is that Harlan Cabinets can offer cabinets that are verified as environmentally responsible. As more cabinet manufacturers become ESP certified, it is increasingly easy for building professionals and consumers to find environmentally responsible cabinets that fit their needs. ESP certified cabinets are identifiable by the ESP seal. This seal offers building professionals and consumers the comfort and assurance that the cabinet manufacturer in question is dedicated to protecting the environment.


About KCMA

            The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, headquartered in , for manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, decorative laminate products and suppliers to the industry.  The KCMA is committed to excellence in manufacturing through continued quality, advocacy and leadership.  For more information on the association, visit its Web site at For more information on ESP, visit

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