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Custom Bathroom Cabinets Are A Game Changer10 August, 2011
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Custom Bathroom Cabinets-

Here are some interesting statistics given to us by The bathroom is a haven for multi-tasking, say most moms. While in the bathroom, 72.6% of moms are reading , 66% are talking on the phone, 26.2% are praying/ meditating, 25.6% are watching TV, 17.9% are drinking coffee/ eating, and 6.2% are balancing the checkbook. 3.6% even write letters!


The difference between standard box store bathroom cabinets and custom bathroom cabinets is profound when you take in to account the statistics above. Plus, lets keep in mind that the first place most people start and end their day is in the bathroom. We are talking about a room with some serious significance. Why would you settle for bathroom cabinets that are commonplace and lacking in functionality when you can have custom bathroom cabinets that are made to fit your specific organizational and design needs? Custom bathroom cabinets allow you to choose heights that are suited to you or offer storage solutions that will keep your space beautiful (less cluttered and stress inducing), while significantly cutting your morning/ evening rituals times.
Custom bathroom cabinets will fit your needs in whatever size room you’re in. Custom bathroom cabinets can be made with hair-dryer holders, safe places for the curling/ flat iron to hang out, and dividers for your make-up when it comes time for you to “paint the barn”!


Super secret pull-out custom bathroom cabinets like this one make hiding nail polish bottles, purfume and other items in your bathroom a snap! 


custom, bathroom, cabinets
This custom bathroom cabinet blends in with the rest of your cabinetry, it keep your cabinets looking fluid and beautiful, but also provides you with “hidden” storage and is a great alternative to using the more common drawers or linen cabinets!


Since moms are using custom bathroom cabinets for so many reasons, put a some extra storage in them? Take a look at these custom bathroom cabinets:
custom, bathroom, cabinets
All these extra drawers and cabinet space saves you from having to bend over to find what you need. These custom bathroom cabinets come with plenty of room for adding in nail polish holders, spots for your curling iron, and a couple of places to store extra reading material for any free time you get to escape and relax in the bathroom.


Harlan Cabinets has almost 50 years experience building custom bathroom cabinets. Let us show you what you're missing!
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Custom Bathroom Cabinets Are A Game Changer!

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