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Built With Amish Heart & Modern Soul- Amish Craftsmanship01 November, 2010
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Being nestled in the heart of northeast Indiana's Amish country serves to reinforce our faith in old world craftsmanship.  And, since about 30% of our staff is Amish and many more come from an Amish/ Mennonite heritage, you can be assured that we know and respect the qualities required to provide the finest custom cabinets around. Menno Graber, one of our shop foreman, is proud of his Amish heritage, he says "Our forefathers brought with them from Europe great integrity that has passed down to us through generations of hard work. We take pride in our Amish Craftsmanship, so that every custom cabinet that leaves our shop has the quality to last for years to come." 
To a company that has been building custom cabinets for almost 50 years, tradition means a lot, but we realize there is also great value in modern precision. Here at Harlan Cabinets, you can trust that your custom cabinets will be crafted with a stunning marriage between Amish Caftsmanship and modern perfection, all while delivering the contemporary or traditional design you desire.

 amish-craftsmanship-jim  amish-craftsmanship-buggy
         Jim Lengacher- Installation Foreman                         An Amish employee heading home

Harlan Cabinets- Where Amish Craftsmanship meets modern design

What does Amish Craftsmanship mean?
Amish Craftsmanship means a labor of love.
Amish Craftsmanship means quality.
Amish Craftsmanship means unique.
Amish Craftsmanship means tradition.
Amish Craftsmanship is what Harlan Cabinets puts into each custom cabinet.

We are a manufacturer of fine custom cabinets and fine custom furniture.

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