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A Happy Kitchen Is An Organized Kitchen15 December, 2011
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Doing what I do for a living, combined with an enthusiasm for Christmas that would rival most 1st graders brings my brain to ponder what effect an organized kitchen can have on a household this time of year. It's hard for me to not consider these effects when those childhood memories of Christmas at Grandma's start their annual trek through my mind...
My family really knew how to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving too. I mean they were EPIC food events for which the shopping and coordinating started weeks prior. It would all culminate in Grandma's kitchen the day before the big event, with every man, woman and child involved in the preparation on one level or another. I still look back in awe at how such a variety of dishes could be completed within the confines of that teeny-tiny kitchen.
I do have to confess that some of the awe has been removed with the experience I've gained working for Harlan Cabinets. Doing what I do I have come to understand that it was Grandma's amazing organized kitchen and her ability to execute the use of it properly that made it all possible. So, awe for the preparation decreased, but awe for the wisdom of a remarkable woman increased, a ton!
What is really so remarkable about Grandma's organized kitchen is that while it was organized, she did not have all of the fancy gadgets and storage solutions we have today.
Here are some examples of what I mean-
organized, kitchen   organized, kitchen
Pull-Out Spice Rack                   Base Mixer / Appliance Lift
organized, kitchen  
Peg Drawer System                                     Pull-Out Recycling Center
How I would love to time-warp back to yester-year and surprise Grandma with these and the many other organized kitchen options available today. Imagine the the calm it would have brought to the chaos of my Christmas past...
Would love to hear about your Christmas past while discussing the organized kitchen of your Christmas future... Call Harlan Cabinets if you'd like our help.
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A Happy Kitchen Is An Organized Kitchen

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