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About Us
Founded in 1962 by a pair of brothers in a region of the United States renowned for its old world craftsmanship, Harlan Cabinets has been building custom cabinetry with passion for almost 50 years. We have become a name synonymous in the industry with custom cabinet quality. 

What is true custom cabinetry?

harlan-cabinets-custom-cabinetsThe term “custom cabinets” has come to mean many different things in the cabinet business. At Harlan Cabinets it means you can have anything, anyway you wish, with no exceptions. If you can dream it, we can build it. And this level of detail is not reserved only for custom kitchen cabinets. Harlan Cabinets can work with you to make your dreams a reality throughout your entire home from bathroom cabinets to master bedroom suites and wet bars to entertainment centers or even bringing to life that unique piece of furniture that you have envisioned to bring it all together.

Because design is paramount in today's residences, every element in, out, and around a home must be considered, if you are to create that unique place that reflects your creative vision. Wherever you are at in your life’s journey, you have developed a style all your own. Perhaps this style can be defined by words like colonial, cabin, rustic, contemporary, modern, or minimalist, but each one of our customers has a uniqueness that is all their own. Harlan Cabinets provides you with practiced custom cabinet designers that can help you express your style and bring it to fruition in the design of your home.  

harlan-cabinets-custom-cabinetsYour Designer will guide you in the selection of just the right wood species from alder to teak, walnut to maple, (or even an exotic most have never heard of) to bring out the exact look and feeling of your vision. Every detail will be handled all the way to the finest details of whether to use hand chiseled oak leaves or bunches of grapes on a winding vine to accent the space just between the top of tallest door and just below the curving crown mold pressed tightly to the ceiling. And remember, if you change your mind a couple times your designer won't be bothered a bit, because at Harlan Cabinets your dreams and ideas are your inspiration, making them a reality that last a lifetime is ours.

Visit our online idea gallery for some inspiration or walk in to one of our many showrooms across the country. 

Welcome to Harlan Cabinets. We are a producer of fine custom cabinets.

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